Tax Codes


With property tax increases and payroll and income tax cuts for the top it is a recipe for disaster. I'm all for eliminating top government from the  property tax system. When local government loses control due to bureaucracy of higher government that is not right and needs to stop. Property taxes should never leave the local community and should only be dictated and collected by the local government. The ND state government recently removed local tax assessors from local government and caused a Ripple through rural communities that caused property tax Increases. Ultimately I do not believe You should have to keep paying for what you own but property taxes are the only way some rural Townships survive.  I’m for eliminating Labor Class income taxes because one should be able to keep all the money they earn. The watered down paychecks we receive are hurting working class folks. However cutting income taxes for highest wealthiest earners is not the way to go. We need to increase minimum wage and that means also eliminating income taxes and payroll taxes for small businesses.

I believe a fair system of taxes along with state owned business can give the people a fair amount of public services. Trickle down does not work. We need to be eliminating taxes for business that pay a living wage. For the middle class. And for ownership of property and others. Continuation of tax cuts for the top is not working and hasn't worked. I believe the majority of tax collections should come from sales tax and from collections from the wealthiest folks who make money off the middle class workforce. It should be a mutual cycle of fair taxes. We need to end taxation without representation as a sales tax is the easiest to distribute i believe it is the most fair. One should be able to collect an entire paycheck and decide what to spend it on and decide what to support. Each category of goods should have a system of sales tax for each purpose. Example is the gas tax should go to transportation. Cigarette and alcohol should mostly go to healthcare. Food tax would go to health inspections. And so on. Currently we have a system that throws it all in a barrel and everyone grabs till we're trillions in debt. If we had a sales tax system that said we will give a percent to a program then they would budget accordingly. Tax increases and decreases should only come through the will of the people through a vote by direct democracy weather it be local, state, or nationally. I highly doubt if people knew that the state of North Dakota gave a tax cut 3 times more to the top than to the bottom that they would have supported it. This would also eliminate the lies that often come with tax breaks example the North Dakota state gop claimed 220 million in tax relief. Yet that is true but most of it went to the top wealthy out of state industries. They could have eliminated income taxes completely for the bottom but chose their wealthy donors instead. Sales tax with a purpose is the fairest way for all to pay a fair share. State and local government business regulated by the Constitution will also relief tax burdens as our state owned bank, mill, and elevator have provided 100s of dollars millions in tax relief since their creation by the nonpartisan league 100 years ago. Other state business such as a pharmaceutical drug company can not only reduce the cost of pharmaceutical drugs but can contribute to overall health care affordability in North Dakota and across the country. Following the Non Partisans League  constitutionally regulated government business to prevent total government take over is key to providing for the future of the country. The creation of the legacy fund in North Dakota was one of the best things that could have been done. It taxes minerals and deposits the money into an account that can only be used if 75% of the state legislators agree to it. The interest can be deposited into the general fund. Each local government should have a legacy fund account.

  • State owned business
  • Pro sales tax
  • End taxation without representation
  • End middle and lower class income taxes
  • End small business taxes
  • Direct democracy to decide tax rates
  • Pro legacy fund for local governments