State College for All


With the recent budget cuts here in North Dakota for the Higher Education State Schools. I am supporting amending the Higher Education Act to ensure College for All. As I understand that to obtain the American Dream that Higher Education shouldn’t be a life of debt to obtain. Stopping the federal Government Profiting off of  predatory lending to students and families. Paid by a small tax placed onto wall street, who has gutted the Labor class and nearly destroyed the Economy nearly seven years ago. I feel that we as a Nation bailed out Wall Street, they should invest in the future of our economy and the middle class.

  • Small tax on stock transactions to support higher education.
  • Online higher education in all public schools and libraries.
  • Pushing for AP curriculum at all public high schools.
  • Continuation of the BND student loan program.
  • Reexamination of student loan forgiveness program.