Saving our Lands from Climate Shift


As a wildland firefighter I have spent the last 10 years on the front lines of climate change. I have seen personally how 100 years of human interference with the natural cycle of fire has destroyed ecosystems, created drought, and changed the landscape. Man's influence on this planet grows with more and more population. We see fire as a bad thing while firefighters see it as a very necessary tool for nature to evolve and strengthen. I can't count the number of biologists, fire managers, or climatologist I have worked with but I can say first hand humans can and do interfere with the natural cycle of our planet. As a boilermaker for a short time I went into many coal and gas fired boilers and learned the process and saw how they functioned. Going inside and rebuilding economizer tubes and more showed me what is necessary to evolve to a changing grid. Having calloused hands and working in many different fields gives me a unique view on climate change. While I ultimately believe fossil fuels are a thing of the past they are part of our current above all energy portfolio but are naturally phasing themselves out as wind, solar, and other forms of energy become more efficient. We as humans need to realize that we do affects this planet. We can have a negative effect and fill our oceans with plastic and other petro based products or We can develop plant based products that break down in our environment made of hemp and other sources.  We must be more cautious of our environment for there is no other place currently that humans can survive. We must take care of our planet. We must realize fire is a natural cycle and get better at managing and understanding as our forest are plagued with super fires, various tree diseases, and rapid changes that come to the urban interface and cost taxpayers not only money but livelihoods, and lives. We must realize that we need clean air to breath and clean water to drink. To achieve these goals of a sustainable planet we need to push for more private water wells as that will make us more cautious of our water. We need more direct off the grid energy solutions to break us free of the propaganda that plagues the media about climate change and releases the citizens from the national energy grid. Ending reliance on government municipal services will not only help us create a sustainable future but will give us more freedom from the government and awareness of our surrounding.  We need to relearn how to grow our own food and be aware of how it is made and created. Relearning a self sustainable way of life just as ND was created many years ago is key. Giving me and you the ability to create and maintain our own power source is key to energy independence and a better way of life. As a Federal Senator I will be endorsing and voting on Green Energy bills to ensure the consumer access to personal energy freedom.

  • Off the grid utilities
  • Freedom from government utilities
  • Better wildfire mitigation and funding for fire management
  • Continuation of advancements in clean energy technology
  • Promoting advancements in alternative energy