Attaining a Living Wage


For years minimum wage has stayed the same while prices of goods and services have increased. Trickle down economics has destroyed our small business and their ability to pay a living wage. We need to restructure our tax code to give businesses the ability to pay a living wage. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs I first hand know the struggles of business to pay a living wage. The watered down paychecks we receive are hurting working class folks. If we are to create a true living wage it must go beyond the forced government hand to make business pay a certain dollar amount whether they can or not. We need to support business with proper tax codes and regulation and incentive for the local businesses that hold communities together. Not the swamp of lobbyist of in Washington. I support the efforts of a living wage of $15 an hour but we also have to consider cost of living, inflation, and proper tax codes to support our local businesses. We need to give Americans not only a living wage, disposable income, and the ability to pay bills but we must support our small business and the ability for them to do so as well. The wealth of the middle class has declined for decades with little relief from democrats or republicans. We will fight to give a living wage, to support unions, and to businesses who pay a living wage. Having disposable income is necessary for the future of the country.

  • Fighting for a living wage and disposable income
  • Fair taxes for all
  • Supporting businesses who pay a living wage
  • Empowerment to local government regarding property taxes
  • Supporting fair wage act in ND.