Citizens Freedom
Choice Healthcare

I support a universal Single Payer Option and will be voting for laws that will respect Health Care as a Right. In honor of the historical Non Partisan League roots in North Dakota I propose state minded healthcare for all people to the state party. 

  • A State Medicaid buy in option that will allow each citizen to purchase medicaid.
  • A federal Medicare buy in option.
  • Public healthcare pricing.
  • End state line regulations on private insurance companies.
  • Free market competition.
  • Fighting for universal healthcare for all.



I will be voting for laws that put local farmers first. The Non-Partisan League created state hail insurance, a state owned mill, a state owned elevator, and a state owned bank all with the local producer in mind. This mentality of local farmers first is what I will bring to Washington.  

  • Farmers market freedom.
  • Equal land easement payments regardless of conservation or  industrial easements.
  • Remove government power to tax property valued under $2000 an acre and any agriculture land out of production.
  • Protection for family farms and sustainable organic farming practice for a sustainable future.
  • Dustin Peyer voted alongside 99,976 voters in ND regardless of political affiliation or geographic location to reject corporate farming in ND in the June primary in 2016.


While the swamp grows we have to give the federal gas tax back to the States. The size of Washington needs to be reduced while advancing our transportation to new horizons. Connecting rural and urban communities to create more competitive housing and job markets. Redirecting our federal gas tax to a modern form of transportation.

  • .05 cents per gallon federal gas tax.
  • All federal road projects to the states.
  • Supporting electric based transportation is a all of the above energy plan supporting wind, solar, hydroelectric, coal, and natural gas.
  • Connect current public electric transportation across the Midwest.
  • Reduce the money flow to lobbyist fighting for big Interest.
  • Support for charging stations for public and private transportation will propel us into a modern system.
  • Let's make America modern.


My whole Campaign is based on donated time and cash to build and bring forth a North Dakotan United States Senator that will bring back the Progressive Anti Corruption Roots that we as North Dakotans take pride in. Citizens, we ask you to rise together against the outside interests in North Dakota who have a choke hold on our state and nation. Help bring back the historical Non Partisan League values to represent the North Dakotan People. Let's have a candidate powered by the people. The original NPL membership was $2.50 and 30,000 strong in 1918. Overturn the Supreme Court decision of Citizens United. Corporations are not people overturn the Supreme Court decision of First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti. Money is not free speech overturn the Supreme Court decision of Buckley v. Valeo

Let's end crony capitalism and remove the Oligarchs who control OUR Nation!!!

  • Voter funded candidates.
  • $250,000 dollar cap per election cycle per candidate.
  • Supporting no voter registration nationwide.
  • Lobbied for HCR 3008 a call for a limited convention of states to address Campaign finance.
  • Ending gerrymandering across the country with non partisan redistricting.




Anti Political

  • Supporting legal immigration and easier path to citizenship

  • Promoting those who wish to work and contribute to the united states.

  • Freedom for Businesses to hire who they see fit.

  • Amnesty through higher education or service to the country through military or emergency responder participation.

We support immigration policies that do not criminalize and separate families that adds to our national debt. We are against hiring an illegal workforce as it holds families and workers hostage to poverty. We will advocate and help create policies that will put families at the center and will be tied with civil, human, and labor rights.

My roots along with many others come from immigration legal and illegal.  Let's continue to grow our country with a diverse culture.


  • Small tax on stock transactions to support higher education.

  • Online higher education in all public schools and libraries.

  • Pushing for AP curriculum at all public high schools.

  • Continuation of the BND student loan program.

  • Reexamination of student loan forgiveness program.

With the recent budget cuts here in North Dakota for the Higher Education State Schools. I am supporting amending the Higher Education Act to ensure College for All. As I understand that to obtain the American Dream that Higher Education shouldn’t be a life of debt to obtain. Stopping the federal Government Profiting off of  predatory lending to students and families. Paid by a small tax placed onto wall street, who has gutted the Labor class and nearly destroyed the Economy nearly seven years ago. I feel that we as a Nation bailed out Wall Street, they should invest in the future of our economy and the middle class.


State College
for All

  • Redistricting of the states for native representation.

  • Additional House and Senate seats for national native representation.

  • Empowerment of true sovereign nation status.

  • A real voice in Washington and among the state government for tribal nations.

Ultimately this is what i will fight for our native nations. We need to give absolute guaranteed representation to the tribes. This must include adding representatives to the congress and senate. Each reservation should be drawn into its own district locally within each state and nationally each state should allow for a combined at large district for the native American reservations. This would add several positions inside the senate and house in many states and in Washington. We need to guarantee a voice to the native people who took care of this land long before any of us. As a wildland firefighter i have been to almost every reservation in mid-west on assignment and have worked as an employee for some as well. I was very honored to represent tribal nations. The workforce that i worked along side was as hardworking as any other. Working directly for the tribes i was shown things that do not exist in historical museums, markers along the road, or on maps. I was shown things and told stories that were passed down from generations long before me. It is essential to have a true native voice  not only in ND but America as well.

Empowering Native American Nations


  • Nationwide disabilities rights campaign focusing on rural and underfunded communities.

  • Improve funding for support services in schools for disabled children.

  • Early intervention and classroom integration.

  • Enforce and finance ADA accommodations.

  • Increased evidence based training for staff.

  • Help disabled folks maintain secure housing in community based settings.

  • Support disabled individuals and their families across their lifespan.

  • Equal healthcare for all.

  • Improvement to Medicaid funding and rewrite the application process.

  • Non-discrimination in the workplace.

  • Support businesses to adapt for disabled workers.

  • Ensure new resources are available for public and private partnerships

End discriminatory minimum wage loophole against disabled workers.
As a campaign we support universal healthcare that supports folks with disabilities. We are against any form of discrimination against disabled folks. My son was born at 27 weeks gestation and I fully understand the financial burdens placed on families. I understand the issues with Medicaid as I have personally been involved. We need a universal healthcare system for all and continued improvement to the persons with disabilities act. Our proposed universal health care system supports all necessary services including occupational therapy, speech therapy, housing, employment services, mental health services, and assistive technologies being fully covered.


Fighting for
Disability Rights

  • Bring em home.

  • End never-ending war.

  • Fund national defense bases located within our borders.

  • National missile defense system in America.

  • Patrol American coastlines and borders.

  • Natural disaster response in America and abroad.

  • Strengthen special forces.

It's time to bring our troops home to assist the nation, and strengthen our nation's crumbling infrastructure. We spend billions of dollars to destabilize the world’s oil market. Where taxpayer money has been funding this Never Ending War on Terror. We should pull our Military folks home, strengthen our base’s within our borders, and secure the Nation. We should push the billions of dollars to purpose a Right to Work Program for the Citizens of the US, rebuilding our Nation's Roads and Economy.  Decades of war, trillions of dollars, and millions of human lives lost has led us to the lost potential that we have wasted on war. It's time to Make the change and say No More Wars. We support a Strong National Guard and Military to support our Nation within its borders.

End All War

  • Power to the people

  • Supporting Unions at all levels and sizes

  • Guarantee all employees the right to unionize.

In the wake of recent votes in the ND legislative session against police and fire unions and the attempt to weaken the only state union employees at the state mill created by the Non- Partisan league, we need to stand with our labor unions. I found it extremely disgraceful that in the wake of no D.A.P.L. protests, high rates of human trafficking, daily horrific traffic accidents, drug busts, and more across the state that the ND GOP did not support or back the blue, the red, or anyone for that matter. Strength in numbers and the ability to stand up is key to having a better ND and a better future for all in this country. Any workforce should have the right to unionize for better wages, safety standards, retirement, healthcare, and other things that create a more positive workforce.

As the state has failed to keep its house in order we plan on supporting bills that will strengthen the workforce, New Trade Policies so the Corporate America Invests in this country rather than shutting down here and moving abroad, we support of the minimum wage to $15 an hour, we will support bills that will invest in our infrastructure providing jobs growth.  We support free state college tuition to build investing in our future labor force.

Labor Union


  • Proud pride community Ally

  • Fighting to end discrimination to all people

  • Supporting personal freedom to be who you are

Dustin Peyer stands Proud as a pride community ally.  Following with Peyer’s strong beliefs against discrimination he will be a Co-Sponsor and vocal supporter to expand the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other anti-discrimination laws to include protections for sexual orientation and gender identity. He stands with North Dakota’s LGBT Community and supports the North Dakota House Bill No 1386 and North Dakota Senate Bill No 2279 as they prepare for the next session.  
Our campaign understands that there is more to be done in providing Equality and Anti Discrimination Protections and is looking forward to the battle at the federal level.
Discrimination in any form should not be tolerated. It's very disturbing to me when elected officials do not stand for all citizens.  
I will help any group or organization update the ND constitution regarding marriage, sexual orientation, and other issues that need to be addressed. Direct democracy through the will of the people is extremely important and we the citizens need to stand up.


LGBT Rights:
Pride Community Ally


  • State run banks nationwide.

  • Public option banking.

  • Reinstate Glass Steagall and other banking regulations.

  • Create a federal credit union under the social security act.

ND Non Partisan League created the only state owned bank in the country for the people. What this did was create competition amongst the banks who had a strangle hold on ND.
This bank is constitutionally bound from expansion as the NPL historically did not believe in big government takeover. This bank has lead to 100s of millions of dollars of revenue to be deposited into the general fund of ND to relief taxes in the state. The federal government needs to look to the states and the things that work and pass along the information to build the bridges between the states for creation of similar programs. While regulation is necessary competition will ultimately decide. As the swamp of money in Washington grows, banking regulations will become more and more difficult to pass. Creating a public option is the fastest way to give the American people something that works. The bank of ND offers the lowest student loan interest rate in the country and has interest buy down programs for development projects. While it is restricted on some services the bank is a very useful tool for the people of ND and should be shown to other states.


Safe Banking

  • Fighting for a living wage and disposable income

  • Fair taxes for all

  • Supporting businesses who pay a living wage

  • Empowerment to local government regarding property taxes

  • Supporting fair wage act in ND.

For years minimum wage has stayed the same while prices of goods and services have increased. Trickle down economics has destroyed our small business and their ability to pay a living wage. We need to restructure our tax code to give businesses the ability to pay a living wage. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs I first hand know the struggles of business to pay a living wage. The watered down paychecks we receive are hurting working class folks. If we are to create a true living wage it must go beyond the forced government hand to make business pay a certain dollar amount whether they can or not. We need to support business with proper tax codes and regulation and incentive for the local businesses that hold communities together. Not the swamp of lobbyist of in Washington. I support the efforts of a living wage of $15 an hour but we also have to consider cost of living, inflation, and proper tax codes to support our local businesses. We need to give Americans not only a living wage, disposable income, and the ability to pay bills but we must support our small business and the ability for them to do so as well. The wealth of the middle class has declined for decades with little relief from democrats or republicans. We will fight to give a living wage, to support unions, and to businesses who pay a living wage. Having disposable income is necessary for the future of the country.

Attaining a
Living Wage

When it comes to the fundamental and constitutional rights of women, we must continue to strive forward without looking back at the ugly past. We need to trust and allow women to have their own autonomy regarding their personal decisions without extreme government intrusion and unnecessary backlash. Women’s rights ARE undoubtedly human rights.

Women refuse to go back to the days of risking their lives or even imprisonment for wanting to end an unwanted pregnancy. The government has no right to dictate when a woman can or cannot procreate. Abortion is ultimately the decision of the woman’s, and no one else’s.

The radical right-wing attacks to defund Planned Parenthood has got to end. Planned Parenthood has not only been an excellent source of sexual health information for 100 years, it is also a vital healthcare service for millions of women. The effects of defunding Planned Parenthood would be devastating to women of lower classes who rely on their local clinics for STI testing, contraceptives, cancer screenings, and basic primary care.

Birth control has completely revolutionized the lives of American women and has created opportunities for women outside of traditional gender roles. For employers to deny women proper and fair access to contraceptives on a “moral” objection is unacceptable.

On average, American women make 78 cents per man’s dollar. For women of color, this pay inequality is much worse. Our country must move forward in passing the Paycheck Fairness Act into law to ensure women are making the same wages for the same work as their male counterparts.

Women should not go without pay in the event of the birth of a child. 12 weeks of paid maternity leave should be guaranteed to each and every woman in this country. Having a child is one of the happiest moments in someone’s life, and women, along with their spouses, should not be punished because of simply having a child. This issue not only affects women, but their families as well.

Violence against women in this country is getting severely out of control and we must strengthen services provided through the Violence Against Women Act. The Republican’s motion to undermine and attack this act will not be tolerated in any way.

Sexual assault has become an epidemic on college campuses and this issue seriously needs to be addressed. Victims who followed the correct procedures in the event of an assault more than likely will never see the inside of a courtroom for justice. In most cases, women have reported their university made the situation worse by victim shaming and simply failing to take action. Any university that fails to comply with Mandatory Reporting of Campus Sexual Assault should have funding revoked until further action is taken to combat sexual assault.

Childcare has allowed multiple women to join the labor force and work outside of their homes. However, childcare is becoming so expensive, women are now quitting their careers because they cannot afford childcare. Every child in this country should have the opportunity to go to daycare or preschool; it should not be limited to the few that can afford it. We must pass universal child care laws into place to guarantee free early childhood education for all.

2/3s of the minimum wage workers in the United States are women. The minimum wage must be raised to at least $15 an hour to help close the wage gap and to lift millions of women out of poverty.

Universal health care must be a human right for all. Women tend to have higher medical expenses than men and most of these costs come directly from their own pockets. Since women make up most low-wage jobs, companies don’t have to necessarily offer health insurance or any other benefit.  We need to go towards a Medicare for all, single payer system to ensure healthcare for all.

  • Equal pay for equal work

  • Paid maternity leave for parents

  • Universal childcare

  • Protection for sexual assault victims and accountability towards school systems

  • Universal health care for all

  • Public basic care facilities

Woman's Reproductive Rights

  • Off the grid utilities

  • Freedom from government utilities

  • Better wildfire mitigation and funding for fire management

  • Continuation of advancements in clean energy technology

  • Promoting advancements in alternative energy

As a wildland firefighter I have spent the last 10 years on the front lines of climate change. I have seen personally how 100 years of human interference with the natural cycle of fire has destroyed ecosystems, created drought, and changed the landscape. Man's influence on this planet grows with more and more population. We see fire as a bad thing while firefighters see it as a very necessary tool for nature to evolve and strengthen. I can't count the number of biologists, fire managers, or climatologist I have worked with but I can say first hand humans can and do interfere with the natural cycle of our planet. As a boilermaker for a short time I went into many coal and gas fired boilers and learned the process and saw how they functioned. Going inside and rebuilding economizer tubes and more showed me what is necessary to evolve to a changing grid. Having calloused hands and working in many different fields gives me a unique view on climate change. While I ultimately believe fossil fuels are a thing of the past they are part of our current above all energy portfolio but are naturally phasing themselves out as wind, solar, and other forms of energy become more efficient. We as humans need to realize that we do affects this planet. We can have a negative effect and fill our oceans with plastic and other petro based products or We can develop plant based products that break down in our environment made of hemp and other sources.  We must be more cautious of our environment for there is no other place currently that humans can survive. We must take care of our planet. We must realize fire is a natural cycle and get better at managing and understanding as our forest are plagued with super fires, various tree diseases, and rapid changes that come to the urban interface and cost taxpayers not only money but livelihoods, and lives. We must realize that we need clean air to breath and clean water to drink. To achieve these goals of a sustainable planet we need to push for more private water wells as that will make us more cautious of our water. We need more direct off the grid energy solutions to break us free of the propaganda that plagues the media about climate change and releases the citizens from the national energy grid. Ending reliance on government municipal services will not only help us create a sustainable future but will give us more freedom from the government and awareness of our surrounding.  We need to relearn how to grow our own food and be aware of how it is made and created. Relearning a self sustainable way of life just as ND was created many years ago is key. Giving me and you the ability to create and maintain our own power source is key to energy independence and a better way of life. As a Federal Senator I will be endorsing and voting on Green Energy bills to ensure the consumer access to personal energy freedom.


Saving our Lands
from Climate Shift

  • Take on the drug cartels and gangs in America.

  • Legalization of marijuana

  • Decriminalization of all drugs

  • Better mental health coverage

  • States rights for all narcotics

  • Business owner rights for employment

  • Protection for prescription drugs

  • Federal rx disposal program

The goal is decriminalize, legalize, taxation, and regulation.  Prohibition only makes drug cartels more powerful, increases crime, and makes drugs more dangerous due to lack of enforced safety standards. While most users range from recreational to moderate, rehabilitation and treatment should be provided for people struggling with addiction. Additionally, those serving time for nonviolent drug offenses should be pardoned. I stand with the ND legalization of marijuana petition that will not only legalize a small amount of marijuana but will allow for taxation to not exceed alcohol and remove peoples prior non violent criminal offenses. These are key to allowing ND citizens to continue on with their life. This does not prohibit employers from giving drug tests as it would no different if you came to work drunk. Recently, Oregon made a move to attempt to decriminalize all drugs for the first 2 offenses. This type of mentality along with a better more modern universal healthcare system is key to the future of the nation. Providing a comprehensive rehabilitation coverage program to allow Chemically Addicted Citizens to become affect people in society.  Stopping the Pharmacal Companies from pushing opioids on to our Family physicians as their personal salespeople.


End the Failed
War on Drugs

  • State owned business

  • Pro sales tax

  • End taxation without representation

  • End middle and lower class income taxes

  • End small business taxes

  • Direct democracy to decide tax rates

  • Pro legacy fund for local governments

With property tax increases and payroll and income tax cuts for the top it is a recipe for disaster. I'm all for eliminating top government from the  property tax system. When local government loses control due to bureaucracy of higher government that is not right and needs to stop. Property taxes should never leave the local community and should only be dictated and collected by the local government. The ND state government recently removed local tax assessors from local government and caused a Ripple through rural communities that caused property tax Increases. Ultimately I do not believe You should have to keep paying for what you own but property taxes are the only way some rural Townships survive.  I’m for eliminating Labor Class income taxes because one should be able to keep all the money they earn. The watered down paychecks we receive are hurting working class folks. However cutting income taxes for highest wealthiest earners is not the way to go. We need to increase minimum wage and that means also eliminating income taxes and payroll taxes for small businesses.

I believe a fair system of taxes along with state owned business can give the people a fair amount of public services. Trickle down does not work. We need to be eliminating taxes for business that pay a living wage. For the middle class. And for ownership of property and others. Continuation of tax cuts for the top is not working and hasn't worked. I believe the majority of tax collections should come from sales tax and from collections from the wealthiest folks who make money off the middle class workforce. It should be a mutual cycle of fair taxes. We need to end taxation without representation as a sales tax is the easiest to distribute i believe it is the most fair. One should be able to collect an entire paycheck and decide what to spend it on and decide what to support. Each category of goods should have a system of sales tax for each purpose. Example is the gas tax should go to transportation. Cigarette and alcohol should mostly go to healthcare. Food tax would go to health inspections. And so on. Currently we have a system that throws it all in a barrel and everyone grabs till we're trillions in debt. If we had a sales tax system that said we will give a percent to a program then they would budget accordingly. Tax increases and decreases should only come through the will of the people through a vote by direct democracy weather it be local, state, or nationally. I highly doubt if people knew that the state of North Dakota gave a tax cut 3 times more to the top than to the bottom that they would have supported it. This would also eliminate the lies that often come with tax breaks example the North Dakota state gop claimed 220 million in tax relief. Yet that is true but most of it went to the top wealthy out of state industries. They could have eliminated income taxes completely for the bottom but chose their wealthy donors instead. Sales tax with a purpose is the fairest way for all to pay a fair share. State and local government business regulated by the Constitution will also relief tax burdens as our state owned bank, mill, and elevator have provided 100s of dollars millions in tax relief since their creation by the nonpartisan league 100 years ago. Other state business such as a pharmaceutical drug company can not only reduce the cost of pharmaceutical drugs but can contribute to overall health care affordability in North Dakota and across the country. Following the Non Partisans League  constitutionally regulated government business to prevent total government take over is key to providing for the future of the country. The creation of the legacy fund in North Dakota was one of the best things that could have been done. It taxes minerals and deposits the money into an account that can only be used if 75% of the state legislators agree to it. The interest can be deposited into the general fund. Each local government should have a legacy fund account.


Tax Codes

  • Education not regulation

  • Supporting 2nd amendment

  • Hunter's safety education in schools

  • Training for all citizens in gun education

  • Local government and business empowerment to decide no gun zones

  • Promoting public shooting ranges

I believe it is the right of Americans to protect themselves. The government should be involved in gun education, not confiscation. Hunters safety should be reinstated into schools. Ultimately, no law will fully protect people as humans are capable of making their own decisions. Well educated citizens are key to self defense as I believe all citizens should be trained in self defense, private property rights, gun use, cleaning, proper storage, capacity, and capability as a requirement to graduate high school. This would result in safer, stronger, responsible communities. Everyone deserves the right to protect and provide for themselves or their family. Education not regulation is key.



  • Funding for national training

  • Research for new safety gear

  • Workers safety insurance upgrade

  • Transition to paid emergency response across the country

Men and women across this country risk their life for others everyday. Funding for emergency responders is a struggle and should never be. As a wildland firefighter I have seen many Volunteer Fire Departments  agencies set up contracts for national fire response across the country. Giving them the ability to not only transition to having full time employees but allowing them to make money for the agency just as a private contractor would. Many Volunteer Fire Departments across the country have moved to a contract wildfire service with the federal government. Operating just like a contract business out on national dispatch has relieved local communities from thousands of dollars for equipment and other services. Fair Wsi for emergency responders is a must. The current system has cracks and needs to be amended. All emergency responders deserve the right to be protected.