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Public expresses concerns about Davis Refinery in town hall.


North Dakotans Raise Concerns Over Government Shutdown


Wahpeton Daily News

The North Dakota Marijuana Legalization and Automatic Expungement Initiative is a measure under consideration by residents. It calls for removing hashish, marijuana and tetrahydrocannabinol from the list of Schedule I controlled substances in the North Dakota Century Code.


Public Announcement: Fight for $15

Public Announcement: November 2017 Update

The Young Turks: Nation

The Jeff Waldor Show: Jeff interviews Dustin as Dustin is out in Linton ND  just done with their parade. Dustin announced to the nation where he stand on state issues and national issues.


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Chamber6Media: People are Politics

Dustin Peyer is firefighter from Driscoll, ND who has decided to primary Heidi Heitkamp from her left. He called in to talk about why he decided to run for Senate and explain what he stands for.

Valley News Live: Point of View

Point of View with Chris Berg, Dustin announced to North Dakota his plans on
running for U.S. Senate 2018.


The Hill

Pressed about why he is challenging Heitkamp, Peyer pointed to a "Medicaid for all" system and campaign finance reforms.  
"Her specifically in my opinion like I say campaign finance reform," he said. "She's in there with everyone else and that's a big part of it. And we need to make sure that she's being accountable and having debates and having town halls."


The Bismarck Tribune

While he knows his candidacy to challenge Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., for the party’s nomination is a long shot, Dustin Peyer says competition within the party ranks has been lacking for years and will help reinvigorate the base.
“We had 64 percent of the people who voted in the presidential caucus voted for
Bernie Sanders,” said Peyer, a 32-year-old wildlands firefighter from Driscoll.
The type of energy level among the party briefly sparked by the Sanders campaign
last year against Hillary Clinton in North Dakota is badly needed if the party is to
rebuild, according to Peyer.


The Pierce County Tribune

I am letting you know that ND has a super majority, a supermajority that
doesn't know left from right nor up from down. In certain cases all you have
to do is look at the will of the people and politicians ignoring it. Medical
Marijuana passed in every single district. On the other hand the majority of
the legislators are vocally against it.


Grand Forks Herald

DRISCOLL, N.D.—Wildlands firefighter and Driscoll resident Dustin Peyer
is jumping into North Dakota's U.S. Senate race, officially launching a
campaign on Thursday he says will fight to implement a "Medicaid for all"
system, to leave marijuana and hemp regulation to states and to place
tight caps on election fundraising.

Peyer, 32, is a married father of two and a graduate of Washburn High
School. A 2016 Democratic-NPL candidate for the North Dakota Senate,
he also served as a delegate to the state Democratic-NPL convention on
behalf of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.


970 WDAY Rob Port

Interview about Dustin Peyer’s bid for U.S. Senate Position.


Say Anything Blog

Now I can report that a primary challenger for Heitkamp will be announcing
his candidacy at a rally before the state capitol in Bismarck on Thursday.
David Peyer is a firefighter from Driscoll, North Dakota is describing himself
as a candidate for the New Nonpartisan League, though he tells me he intends
to run as a Democrat.
The NPL, these days, is officially a part of the Democratic party. many dissatisfied
Democrats I’ve spoken to say they’d like to see Democrats turn to a platform
more in keeping with that of the NPL.


Conservative intel

Dustin Peyer, a progressive firefighter and Democratic district chairman. This race will probably come to nothing, but there are a couple of interesting storylines in play if it becomes a bigger deal. Peyer said in a radio interview that he hopes the
reorganization of the state party, in bringing new blood to the party leadership,
will help him gain support in the state convention next spring, ahead of the June
2018 primary.