Labor Union


In the wake of recent votes in the ND legislative session against police and fire unions and the attempt to weaken the only state union employees at the state mill created by the Non- Partisan league, we need to stand with our labor unions. I found it extremely disgraceful that in the wake of no D.A.P.L. protests, high rates of human trafficking, daily horrific traffic accidents, drug busts, and more across the state that the ND GOP did not support or back the blue, the red, or anyone for that matter. Strength in numbers and the ability to stand up is key to having a better ND and a better future for all in this country. Any workforce should have the right to unionize for better wages, safety standards, retirement, healthcare, and other things that create a more positive workforce.

As the state has failed to keep its house in order we plan on supporting bills that will strengthen the workforce, New Trade Policies so the Corporate America Invests in this country rather than shutting down here and moving abroad, we support of the minimum wage to $15 an hour, we will support bills that will invest in our infrastructure providing jobs growth.  We support free state college tuition to build investing in our future labor force.

  • Power to the people
  • Supporting Unions at all levels and sizes
  • Guarantee all employees the right to unionize.