Fighting for Disability Rights


End discriminatory minimum wage loophole against disabled workers. 
As a campaign we support universal healthcare that supports folks with disabilities. We are against any form of discrimination against disabled folks. My son was born at 27 weeks gestation and I fully understand the financial burdens placed on families. I understand the issues with Medicaid as I have personally been involved. We need a universal healthcare system for all and continued improvement to the persons with disabilities act. Our proposed universal health care system supports all necessary services including occupational therapy, speech therapy, housing, employment services, mental health services, and assistive technologies being fully covered.

  • Nationwide disabilities rights campaign focusing on rural and underfunded communities.
  • Improve funding for support services in schools for disabled children.
  • Early intervention and classroom integration.
  • Enforce and finance ADA accommodations.
  • Increased evidence based training for staff.
  • Help disabled folks maintain secure housing in community based settings.
  • Support disabled individuals and their families across their lifespan.
  • Equal healthcare for all.
  • Improvement to Medicaid funding and rewrite the application process.
  • Non-discrimination in the workplace.
  • Support businesses to adapt for disabled workers.
  • Ensure new resources are available for public and private partnerships