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Healthcare Solutions Rally

Dual Rally's will take place in Grafton ND and Bismarck ND.

Repeal of Obamacare was defeated. Insurance and drug costs are rising. The summer of resistance has been only that. WHAT ARE THE SOLUTIONS? I Dustin David Peyer have announced a convention run for the Dem - NPL endorsement in March of 2018. Bernie Sanders (I) will soon introduce his universal healthcare bill. A bill that is gaining more and more traction and I will announce at the rally I will co sponser the bill if elected. As a fire fighter I always believe in a backup plan or as we say have two escape routes. Here are my solutions.

1. I am proposing a Medicaid and Medicare buy in option something that has been proposed in the past and is allowed in some States but was defeated at the national level by the swamp of lobbyist who are against compitio. Also give citizens choice to allow the DHS to access a copy of your tax return to use for automatic enrollment into all DHS programs. We need to eliminate the headaches of the program.

2. Public pricing. How many of you are tired of going to the doctor only to find out later what the cost is. We need upfront pricing to drive down costs through competition. 

3. I am looking at our WSI program here in ND and see major flaws. No mental health coverage, payment flaws, and no oversight from the insurance commision to name a few. These will be available for the people of ND to vote on in 2018 and we need committee members to make this happen. 

4. State owned pharmacy where dugs are not only sold but manufactured. When the cost of RX drugs skyrockets due to corporate ownership it's time for the people to stand up. The Non partisan created a state bank, mill, and elevator to fight corrupt corporations in 1918. We need to bring that mentality to this century. 

5. End state line regulations that prohibit companies from selling insurance from one state to the next. 

6. Campaign Finace reform. I am proposing a $250,000 cap per candidate per election cycle. This would force candidates to choose wisely who they receive money from instead of just reaching into the swamp free-for-all divide and conquer super pacs. 

7. GIVE US MEDICAL MARIJUANA feds get out of the way and let the people choose there own path. Many did not think ND would pass medical marijuana but it is here and what the state did was redicolous. And when the excuse is used "well it's still illegal federally" that does not work for me. Giving people the ability to grow and harvest there own medicine is badly needed in this country. 

These are all free market solutions that are common sense approaches to health care. The more Washington DC drags it's feet the further we are from universal healthcare. Healthcare is a right all should have. These are solutions that can be implemented now to get us going down the path of UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE for all people.

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