End the Failed War on Drugs


The goal is decriminalize, legalize, taxation, and regulation.  Prohibition only makes drug cartels more powerful, increases crime, and makes drugs more dangerous due to lack of enforced safety standards. While most users range from recreational to moderate, rehabilitation and treatment should be provided for people struggling with addiction. Additionally, those serving time for nonviolent drug offenses should be pardoned. I stand with the ND legalization of marijuana petition that will not only legalize a small amount of marijuana but will allow for taxation to not exceed alcohol and remove peoples prior non violent criminal offenses. These are key to allowing ND citizens to continue on with their life. This does not prohibit employers from giving drug tests as it would no different if you came to work drunk. Recently, Oregon made a move to attempt to decriminalize all drugs for the first 2 offenses. This type of mentality along with a better more modern universal healthcare system is key to the future of the nation. Providing a comprehensive rehabilitation coverage program to allow Chemically Addicted Citizens to become affect people in society.  Stopping the Pharmacal Companies from pushing opioids on to our Family physicians as their personal salespeople.

  • Take on the drug cartels and gangs in America.
  • Legalization of marijuana
  • Decriminalization of all drugs
  • Better mental health coverage
  • States rights for all narcotics
  • Business owner rights for employment
  • Protection for prescription drugs
  • Federal rx disposal program