End All War

It's time to bring our troops home to assist the nation, and strengthen our nation's crumbling infrastructure. We spend billions of dollars to destabilize the world’s oil market. Where taxpayer money has been funding this Never Ending War on Terror. We should pull our Military folks home, strengthen our base’s within our borders, and secure the Nation. We should push the billions of dollars to purpose a Right to Work Program for the Citizens of the US, rebuilding our Nation's Roads and Economy.  Decades of war, trillions of dollars, and millions of human lives lost has led us to the lost potential that we have wasted on war. It's time to Make the change and say No More Wars. We support a Strong National Guard and Military to support our Nation within its borders.

  • Bring em home.
  • End never-ending war.
  • Fund national defense bases located within our borders.
  • National missile defense system in America.
  • Patrol American coastlines and borders.
  • Natural disaster response in America and abroad.
  • Strengthen special forces.