Empowering Native American Nations


Ultimately this is what i will fight for our native nations. We need to give absolute guaranteed representation to the tribes. This must include adding representatives to the congress and senate. Each reservation should be drawn into its own district locally within each state and nationally each state should allow for a combined at large district for the native American reservations. This would add several positions inside the senate and house in many states and in Washington. We need to guarantee a voice to the native people who took care of this land long before any of us. As a wildland firefighter i have been to almost every reservation in mid-west on assignment and have worked as an employee for some as well. I was very honored to represent tribal nations. The workforce that i worked along side was as hardworking as any other. Working directly for the tribes i was shown things that do not exist in historical museums, markers along the road, or on maps. I was shown things and told stories that were passed down from generations long before me. It is essential to have a true native voice  not only in ND but America as well.

  • Redistricting of the states for native representation.
  • Additional House and Senate seats for national native representation.
  • Empowerment of true sovereign nation status.
  • A real voice in Washington and among the state government for tribal nations.