Emergency Responders


Men and women across this country risk their life for others everyday. Funding for emergency responders is a struggle and should never be. As a wildland firefighter I have seen many Volunteer Fire Departments  agencies set up contracts for national fire response across the country. Giving them the ability to not only transition to having full time employees but allowing them to make money for the agency just as a private contractor would. Many Volunteer Fire Departments across the country have moved to a contract wildfire service with the federal government. Operating just like a contract business out on national dispatch has relieved local communities from thousands of dollars for equipment and other services. Fair Wsi for emergency responders is a must. The current system has cracks and needs to be amended. All emergency responders deserve the right to be protected.

  • Funding for national training
  • Research for new safety gear
  • Workers safety insurance upgrade
  • Transition to paid emergency response across the country