Anti Political Corruption


My whole Campaign is based on donated time and cash to build and bring forth a North Dakotan United States Senator that will bring back the Progressive Anti Corruption Roots that we as North Dakotans take pride in. Citizens, we ask you to rise together against the outside interests in North Dakota who have a choke hold on our state and nation. Help bring back the historical Non Partisan League values to represent the North Dakotan People. Let's have a candidate powered by the people. The original NPL membership was $2.50 and 30,000 strong in 1918. Overturn the Supreme Court decision of Citizens United. Corporations are not people overturn the Supreme Court decision of First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti. Money is not free speech overturn the Supreme Court decision of Buckley v. Valeo

  • Voter funded candidates.
  • $250,000 dollar cap per election cycle per candidate.
  • Supporting no voter registration nationwide.
  • Lobbied for HCR 3008 a call for a limited convention of states to address Campaign finance.
  • Ending gerrymandering across the country with non partisan redistricting.

Let's end crony capitalism and remove the Oligarchs who control OUR Nation!!!